After spending years in the food industry and serving the people of Houston, we have understood the meaning of being inclusive. This does not only mean people of every race and orientation but food habit. It is true that when you are searching under the term, BBQ hot pot buffet near me, your hopes may not be high, but we are here to prove you wrong.

What being a restaurant, entails?

Being in the serving industry and providing food to the patrons, means having arrangements for a lot of issues including personal preferences, allergies, health issues to be considered and so on. Despite having such a versatile menu and items galore, we at 75 BBQ and ho pot buffet were still at a loss about the inclusion of the vegetarian people. After trying a little, we have come across the perfect solution.

Vegetarian delights we provide

Unlike a lot of BBQ and grill options, you will discover that we have complete vegetarian options. If you are interested and want to try this version or if you have to, then it is time for a pleasant surprise. For instance, you will discover that there are more than 40 types of vegetables available for your consumption along with a selection of tofu. So, whether you are ordering a Lunch buffet in Houston or something more, we are here to help.

Important factors about seafood that you should know

Choosing the right food

After making the reservation and coming to our establishment, you can ask for help from our staff or you can decide after going through the menu. In each of the situations, you will receive the best possible food and we will ensure that your experience becomes one of the best you have ever had. At 75 BBQ and hot pot buffet, we aspire to make your meal as special as possible every time. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices will be enough to prove this theory.