The phrase BBQ and grill often evokes the image of a fire pit, where slabs of meat are being roasted and smoked before being served. When it comes to hot pot grill and BBQ, you will be dealing with another picture altogether. In addition to that, your idea of BBQ and hot pot food will change accordingly as well.


Different pictures of grilling

It may seem a little surprising but in a lot of cultures, grilling evokes a different picture. For instance, when you are visiting us at 75 BBQ and hot pot buffet, you will experience that our version of BBQ and grilling is different from what you normally experience. After being a part of the food industry for quite some time now, we have gained a lot of experience and expertise on the subject.

How we are different?

The first thing you will notice that our cooking is fireless. This means the grilling and barbequing does not happen over an open or closed fire pit. In addition to that, instead of serving you with the food, you will be given the opportunity to cook the food yourself and that process is not going to be tough at all. We will prepare everything and all you need to do is follow a few simple steps and the food will be ready for consumption.

The meal in a nutshell

At our arrangement of Hot pot and grill in Houston, you will be given a selection of meat and vegetables. This will depend on your preference though. Then you will be served with a pot of boiling hot broth. The meat and vegetables will be already cut into the right sizes. All you need to do is put them into the broth, wait for them to cook and eat them while enjoying a nice time with your loved ones. There is no fire and even the younger people in the group will be able to cook and enjoy an experience which will be treasured for long.

Quality food within your affordability

When you are visiting us at 75 BBQ and hot pot buffet, you can be sure about the quality of the food served. Not only the food will be fresh, but you will also have the opportunity to choose the level of hotness of the broth. If you have children in the party, it will be for the best if you go for the mild flavored one. If you love heat, then we would suggest our special version of the broth. In short, with is, you will be in for a treat.