lunch buffet HoustonIt is true that seafood trends throughout the year. With more and more food lovers keen to explore the fascinating range of seafood delicacies, restaurants keep up with the popular demand, especially during the festive season. At 75 BBQ, one of the most affordable and the best seafood restaurants in Houston, our highly diverse menu is bound to catch your attention this festive season.

Our Special Broths to Add Vibe to your Vacation

Indeed, hotpot meals are practically incomplete without broths. At our restaurant, the exceedingly flavorful broths continue to grab eyeballs from far and wide.

The broth is the principal element of hotpot meals. As a venture dedicated to all-round customer satisfaction our restaurant sports a delightful range of broths. From simple vegetable broths to spiced, flavored variants, we have something for everyone.

Our Meat Alternatives to Widen your Taste

Meat is the main food of a hotpot meal. With more and more gourmands keen to explore the hundreds of meat alternatives, our restaurant has come up with a delightful selection.

From goat tail to pork and beef, hotpot meals never got better but with us. At the same time, we make sure that our esteemed customers can ride their culinary adventures without having to break their purse-strings. Moreover, with the holiday season hovering in the air, the experience is about to get only better.

Explore Forty Different Types of Vegetables

At 75 BBQ, we have around forty different types of vegetables for those who would prefer to go vegan this winter. Besides, the same is in keeping with global traditions centering hotpot meals.

If you crave for a ravishing, meat-free lunch buffet in Houston, there could not be a more spending venue than ours. Both in terms of taste and nutritional value, our chefs continue to display an almost unmatched culinary keenness coupled with finesse and intuitive exploits.


It is the season to enjoy without sacrificing health. If so be your ambition, look no further for a memorable hotpot experience available at the best prices.