buffet style restaurants HoustonThis festive season, you might be yearning to fire up your taste buds with a steaming platter of hotpot. In that case, you need not type, ‘buffet dinner restaurants near me’. Instead, head straight to 75 BBQ where you get to relish authentic barbecue at the most competent rates.

The word ‘authentic’ has been not used lightly. According to our culinary experts, the following are the three surefire signs of authentic BBQ, something which we proudly adhere to no matter what.

The Presence of the Smoke Ring

Not many BBQ aficionados might be aware of the significance of the smoke ring. It is perhaps the most reliable sign of an authentic BBQ. A salmon tinge or hue on the outside crust hints at the fact that it has been smoked. Where there is a smoke ring, you may rest assured that it is authentic.

At the same time, it is important to note that the smoke rings can be faked. For instance, the application of baking soda to create a pinkish hue on the crust is fairly widespread. After all, keep in mind that the smokier the barbecue, the better is its flavor.

The Authenticity of Smell

That quintessential smoky smell is the soul of BBQ. Without that, there is no point going for it.

Generally speaking, the smoky and peppery feeling that exudes even before you bother to open the restaurant door is what makes barbecue so appealing.

The Contours of Seasoning

Seasoning is yet another barometer to test the authenticity of BBQ. At 75 BBQ, for a very reasonable hot pot buffet price, you get to enjoy some of the most unique, peculiar flavors.

According to our experts, seasoning is when chefs may add a twist to the flavor. It is a wholly another point if a restaurant merely scoops out stuff from readymade flavors.


It is the festive season. With more and more food lovers flocking to experience hotpot meals, it is high time restaurants took up the issue of authenticity seriously. At our establishment, however, our authentic meals are highly renowned.