A hot pot BBQ meal is considered to be quite exotic because of its place of origin, practices associated with and ingredients used. This is also one of the reasons that people tend to consider them as expensive. If you think the same, it is time to get a better and real idea about hot pot buffet price. It will help to plan the next eating out and provide with really exciting options.

Getting rid of the misconceptions

One of the common misconceptions regarding anything remotely exotic is the fact that they are expensive. You will be surprised to find out that it is not always true. There are various items which will cost you a small fortune but not all of them or all the time. A hot pot meal fits in the second category perfectly. Being the oriental version of a communal meal, this one is both exotic and unique.

Trying the food for the first time

If you haven’t tried a hot pot meal before, then thinking it will cost you a pretty penny is normal. At the same time, we at 75 BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet would like to assure that such a statement is not true. The means we offer at our place are designed to provide you with the best worth of your money. In a meal, you will be offered a selection of meats and vegetables. The amount will be satisfactory.

What we bring to the table  

When we first decided to bring this exotic version of the oriental communal meal to Houston, we aimed to provide a meal that will be delicious and offer quality time with family. We have been able to do just that since then. Hence, our meals are designed to bring the best possible enjoyment to you and your loved ones and not put a dent in your wallet.

Choose a perfect option

As one of the best choices for hot pot and grill in Houston, we at 75 BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet have always been proven our worth. Our pricing is also quite affordable. In this context, we would like to inform that, the price of the meals keeps on changing between regular time and holidays. The price for lunch and dinner are quite different too. We also offer meals for children and adults. They cost different amounts as well.

Getting acquainted with the concept

If you are thinking about taking your family out for an enjoyable meal but are worried about the expenses, a hot pot meal will be the best choice. You will get to enjoy quality time with family while eating delicious food and the meal won’t cost you a huge amount.