Buffet style meals and restaurants have always been quite popular with people. The concept of eating the food you like the most to your heart’s content is tempting enough in itself. Adding the freedom of checking 50 other dishes and then eating something or being adventurous and trying everything is interesting as well. Due to these reasons, Buffet Style Restaurants in Houston have become so popular.

What did we want to achieve?

At the time of starting our establishment, our aim was a little different. We wanted to keep the freedom of a buffet meal while combining it with quality family time. This is why; we went ahead of introduced the hot pot buffet style which is the Chinese version of a communal meal. During this meal, you have access to several food items which are served raw along with a boiling soup which is the cooking medium.

The meal deconstructed

Everything is served to you on the table where the hot pot is put in the center and the soup is poured. You need to put the meat and vegetable pieces into the soup, wait for them to cook, take them out and then eat them with an assortment of sauces you like.

Variety of food available

In our establishment, by placing an order, you will get the soup which is made from a secret recipe. The soup also comes in different levels of spiciness. The meat will comprise of goat, beef, goat tail, pork belly and different kinds of seafood. Apart from that, there will be options for more than 40 types of vegetables, mushroom and tofu. The whole meal will be beautifully stringed with more than 20 types of sauces.

Some suggestions from us

If you are vegetarian or health-conscious or are on a diet, we have something to offer everyone. The BBQ and hot pot food we offer are all fresh and of the best quality. For the diet part, we can simply suggest to avoid the sauces or using them is the sparsest amount possible. A lot of people do not realize that most of the calories consumed during an Asian meal are through the sauces.

Knowing about the reasons

The simple yet interesting setting, freedom to experience cooking your food (for some people this meal is the first time) and getting to eat fresh food are the reasons behind the popularity of hot pot buffet. The exotic oriental experience is also a big motivator behind the popular and consumption of hot pot meals. Call us today to reserve your table.