There are never-ending speculations as to the exact origin of the American barbecue. However, it is only in vain to narrow down a history so varied to a single coordinate. Then, there is confusion over whether the term ‘barbecue’ refers to the food or the quintessential cooking method. At 75 BBQ & Hot Pot Buffet, our experts dispel the clouds over the much-loved cuisine of America.

The Term ‘Barbecue’

As mentioned at the outset, there is reigning confusion over the term itself, although the confusion is majorly confined to academic circles alone. Nevertheless, the origin of the term may be traced to the word ‘barabicu’ found in the dialect of the Arawak people. Consequently, it may be said that the term owes its origin to Caribbean language, which later moved to other languages and cultures.

If you drive to your nearest barbecue restaurant in Houston, you will come across conflicting accounts over the exact meaning of the term. However, all doubts aside, barbecue may refer both to the meal and its cooking method. You might notice a dichotomy between southeastern US and its western counterpart. The former uses the term to refer to roasted pork ribs whereas the latter uses it for cooked beef.

Connection to Cannibalism

Because of the term’s origin in the native languages, barbecue has been misinterpreted as a ghost-variant of cannibalism. Particularly, in light of the so-called brutal cooking techniques employed, the belief gained currency over a long stretch of time.

Additionally, against the backdrop of the Church, anything remotely smacking of savagery or nativism was brought under the uncompromising glare of purists. However, over time, such theories have been rightfully blasted for a broader recognition of barbecue. It is today considered to be the bastion of quintessential Americana.

Traditional Significance

If you type, buffet dinner restaurants near me on the Fourth of July, Google will throw up a tongue-tickling spread of barbecue images. Indeed, serving barbecue on the Fourth is one of the much-cherished American traditions. Barbecue speaks to the hearts of Americans like no other.

It is the visibly masculine element of barbecue which makes it so endearing to the Americans. Plus, its underlying link with savagery partly adds to the glamor. At 75 BBQ, one of the finest barbecue outlets in Houston, we strive to bring you authentic barbecues which smack of the essential Americana inhering in the blood of a thousand people.