A hot pot meal is a time for family and friends to come together to enjoy food. The Chinese version of the meal is one of the most popular all over the world. Apart from offering delicious food and precious time with family, the BBQ and hot pot food are now under the scrutiny of health-conscious people.

The conundrum of healthy and tasty food

We, at 75 BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet, understand the need for eating and living healthy. At our restaurant, we provide the freshest ingredients to ensure every meal is healthy and tasty. Despite our arrangement, if you are feeling vexed about the food, we would like to suggest something.

Our team has come up with this list of tips which will make the meal healthy but won’t affect the taste. By following them, you can appease most health-conscious of people. The tips are:

Select a light soup base for the meal

To keep your sodium consumption low while eating the hot pot meal, choose your soup carefully. We have a large selection of them available in different levels of hotness. Going for a light-flavored one like cabbage-tofu or mushroom soup will be the best choice.

Lean meat instead of fat will be healthier

Keep your meat selection lean and go for seafood, fish, and chicken. Avoiding pieces like liver, kidney, beef tripe and such will make the meal healthier.

Avoid carbohydrate as much as possible

Adding noodles and rice to the meal means having more calories in one sitting. It is not good for your health. So, it will better if you concentrate more on vegetables and seafood.

Add high-fiber vegetables to the meal

High-fiber vegetables like carrot, cabbage, mushroom, spinach, Brussel sprouts, peppers, green pea, cauliflower and such will make the meal healthy. It will also make your search for “smokeless hotpot and table BBQ near me” successful.

Go for lighter dipping sauces instead of the heavier ones

To keep your meal healthy, choose lighter dipping sauces. There are multiple options available. Avoiding oil-based sauces will do you a world of good.

Eat slowly and at a steady pace instead of just devouring the food

Eating slowly while chewing properly will be one of the best ways to keep the meal enjoyable and avoid overeating. It is natural to eat as much as possible of a delicious meal but it is not good for your health.

Remember these tips during the next hot pot meal you order or you can come to our place and order for a healthy meal. We understand your concerns and requirements and strive to deliver every time.