Generally speaking, when you go to a seafood restaurant, you are likely to be baffled by the price tags. Or, even in a general restaurant, the price of seafood is typically higher than the other items. The best seafood restaurants in Houston, for instance, are equally known for their rates. Therefore, at 75 BBQ & Hotpot Buffet, we take special care to ensure our prices are competitive and designed in accordance with the latest industrial standards.

Broadly considered, there could be a host of reasons behind the high prices. However, the following three are the most significant.

Harvesting Fish is Expensive

More often than not, harvesting fish entails a considerable degree of overall expenses. Unlike the likes of cattle and sheep, you cannot expect fish to be penned within a particular perimeter and harvested once ready. It involved a rigorous venture on the part of the fishermen.

According to studies, it has been seen that profitable fish tend to lurk deeper than most fishermen tend to dive, which makes it all the more challenging. Consequently, the cost of harvesting, which includes paying the fisherman and processing the fish, is particularly high.

Things are all the more complicated if fishermen are unable to catch enough fish. Costs rise automatically.

Processing Fish could be Costly

Once fish is harvested, processing entails a considerable amount of time and money. Unlike meat which can be conveniently hacked from the bones, fish demand a specialized fillet factory where the scales, tails and the head are meticulously removed. Evidently, processing in a full-fledged factory is not only costly but also time-consuming.

Therefore, the next time you wonder, ‘Which is the best smokeless hotpot and table BBQ near me?’ do consider the entire background drama which goes on to serve delicacies on the table; especially if you are budget-conscious.

Shipment Costs

The final step of the process is shipment. Compared to meat, the shipment of fish is particularly expensive for more reasons than one. There is a host of intricate shipping procedures fishermen must go through to complete the shipment process.

The sheer amount of work involved in the shipment of fish already negates the question as regards the type of fish. Starting from harvesting to distributing fish, it is a complex, time-taking process which is enough to raise the costs of any fish.

As mentioned at the outset, usually customers tend to wonder why seafood is especially notorious for being so expensive. Once you are briefed on the backstage currents, you realize that the costs are not only justified but inevitable.