While BBQ restaurants may be notorious for their cumbersome portions, it by no means advocates outright abandon for these outlets. In fact, you can eat healthy at a barbecue outlet. At 75 BBQ & Hotpot Buffet, we take special care to cater to the health standards of our cherished customers. To stay healthy, you need to make the right food choices. The following are three tips to eat healthy at your nearest barbecue restaurant in Houston.

Consider the Main Dish

Once at a barbecue outlet, customers tend to go for tasty spare-ribs instantly. However, these are packed with saturated fat. According to experts, ordering half the amount of chicken is still not healthy as it is stuffed with equal amounts of saturated fat.

To eat healthily, experts recommend a platter of smoked barbecue turkey breast or even a pork sandwich. Each consists of no more than six to eight grams of saturated fat. Smoked turkey, for instance, is particularly recommended for its low calories. For example, a four-ounce smoked turkey consists of no more than 160 calories.

For customers who seek to pack more calorie and fat into their meals, you can divide your meals into separate dishes.

Consider the Sauces

While it could be challenging for a diet-conscious person to choose the sauce, it is generally recommended to go for the vinegar sauce as it is considered to be lower in calories.

White sauce, on the other hand, is packed with calories; likewise for mustard sauce and red sauce. If, however, you intend to go for red or mustard sauce, beware of the sodium levels. As mentioned at the outset, vinegar sauce is the ideal pick, though it is important to take care of the amount.

Choose the Side Dishes Carefully

The next time you wonder, ‘Which is the finest BBQ hot pot buffet near me?’ do consider the variety of side dishes you can choose from. More often than not, people tend to go for macaroni and cheese, which are particularly high both calories and fat.

Better side options include baked beans, corn salad and black beans. You may also go for coleslaw and cornbread, although the latter is slightly slack on the nutritional aspects.

As hinted at the outset, BBQ restaurants may be infamous for their fat meals. However, it depends on individual customers’ order choices, which may eventually make a difference.