Houston has a veritable list of fine-dining establishments. But, how many restaurants and eateries here can boast of being the one-stop dining destination for all occasions. Yes, that is precisely what we can offer you here at our humble establishment of 75 BBQ & Hotpot buffet restaurant. Before, if you lived in Houston, you could not ever think of inviting your partner to the same place where you usually head for a drink and bite with your friends. But, with 75 BBQ & Hotpot’s dinner and lunch buffet in Houston, you can avail your favorite menu for every occasion!


Our menu is designed in such a way that it caters to customers with different preferences with equal efficiency. You can look forward to visiting us on the following occasions:

Family Dine-out

Has it been a while since you rounded up the whole family for a get-together over lunch or dinner? Why delay breaking bread with your loved ones when you can gather at our fine-dining establishment and have a gala lunch or dinner buffet, for a bargain of a price. Thanks to our special seniors and kids pricing, most of our esteemed customers and their families have become regulars!

Drinks and Food with Friends

In these fast times, it is tough to stay in touch with all of your friends. For those reconnections, reunions and friends’ night outs, let us be your host. At our buffet restaurant, we offer reasonably priced beer and red wine. So, those of you who are planning a get-together with your old friends, visit us to raise a few toasts to nostalgia, over a hearty meal.

Corporate Luncheons or Dinners

When you are dining out with your colleagues, subordinates, seniors, or business clients, you cannot simply walk into any diner or eatery. The establishment has to be classy, hygienic, priced adequately and foremost of all, feature an exquisite, sophisticated menu. When you visit 75 BBQ & Hotpot, that is precisely what you can expect to avail.

Romantic Dine-out

When you are dining out with that special someone, the dining choices are limited, because every aspect needs to be perfect. However, few other eateries in Houston can balance price, ambiance, menu, quality of service, etc. as we do. Unlike most buffets, we have a two-people minimum, so, couples are welcome to visit our classy establishment for a romantic buffet meal for two.

Thus, we do not pride ourselves as one of the best seafood restaurants in Houston. We humbly invite you to 75 BBQ & Hotpot for the ultimate course in gastronomic satisfaction.