Houston is home to some of the most famous franchise eateries known to the food lovers of America. The city has a tradition for open-mindedly sampling cuisine from across the world, with gusto. With 75 BBQ & Hot Pot Buffet, we wish to extend the tradition by treating the good people of Houston to refined quality, multi-fare buffet. Houston’s fine-dining lovers will also be happy to know that the nearest barbecue restaurant in Houston also offers alcohol on the menu to wash down your wholesome meal.

Why should you visit 75 BBQ & Hotpot?

At 75 BBQ & Hot Pot, we treat our patrons to exquisite quality fine-dining. Our establishment boasts of several fine-points that can guarantee this, such as:

Smokeless Paper Grill

In this day and age, when sustainable, green practices are a must for our environment, we have done our best to minimize our carbon footprint by investing in a smokeless paper grill. Our customers can still enjoy a prime quality grilled BBQ buffet menu, without any of the hazards and annoyances caused by the smoke and heat from the grill.

Extensive Menu

Customers are advised to arrive on an empty stomach when they visit us at 75 BBQ & Hotpot Buffet because of our extensive menu grants you an all-you-can-eat pass to consume some of your favorite BBQ grilled dishes. Customers can expect some of the most mouthwatering pork, beef, mutton, seafood dishes that taste better than they look with every bite!

Prices Based on Age Group

We understand that not all our patrons can consume the same portions of food. So, to encourage our customers to choose to reduce food wastage, we have introduced economically priced seniors and kid’s menus that offer discount prices on the same buffet items. Customers can look forward to a family dining experience on a surprisingly reasonable budget when they visit us.

Hygienic Environment

You cannot eat healthy even if healthy food is served to you but in an unhealthy environment. We believe that our esteemed patrons deserve the most hygienic dining environment. So, we go to a great extent to ensure that when you step into our premises, the spick and span cleanliness catches your eye right away.

Fresh Ingredients

Gourmet food cannot truly live up to the moniker of ‘gourmet’ if it tastes stale and ripe. Therefore, at 75 BBQ & Hotpot Buffet, you can always expect to consume fresh, tasty food. We purchase the freshest quality meats, seafood, mushrooms and tofu from the local markets so that we can guarantee that everything on your plate is certified healthy.

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