How would you like to enjoy a beautiful sunny weekend? If you are a foodie, you can go to a buffet-style restaurant in Houston or arrange a small BBQ party in your backyard. Barbeque has been at the top of the list since a decade. You will hardly find a person who does not like BBQ. This popularity has given rise to many good BBQ restaurants like 75 BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet, where people can enjoy different varieties of BBQ with a variety of sauces. However, although we love to eat BBQ, we have very little information about it. The below-given points focus on some of the essential factors.


Different types of BBQ

Although we generally call any smoked or grilled meat BBQ. Different countries have their variation of BBQ. We all know that smoking and grilling is one of the oldest processes of preparing any meat. This has given rise to different types of BBQ.

The origin of the word BBQ

The term BBQ is widely known, and the term has evolved from the Spanish term is generally believed that Taino people from Caribbean island use the term barbecue from where the Spanish word may have been taken.

Barbeque is nothing new for Americans

History says barbeque has been in America since the days of the colonial era. A renowned person like Washington even attended barbeque can still find out the document showing Washington participating in a barbecue in Alexandria.

Different types of woods used to smoke

Different kinds of Woods are used in a BBQ .it is generally said that every wood has a distinctive flavor. The woods that are used vary from mesquite, guava, hickory, cherry, pecan, apple and oak.

When to eat barbeque

Most of the people use to eat barbeque during the holidays or any special occasions. It is because BBQ is something which generally involves a group of people and takes a longer time than any other meals.

White house

BBQ has been an essential traditional dish for an extended period since the time of Thomas Jefferson. The Texas style BBQ became quite popular and from then on it became a tradition.

These are a few essential aspects of BBQ, and if you feel hungry after reading this, then you can surely look out for the nearest barbecue restaurant in Houston or any other part of America.