It is a known fact that seafood like fish, muscles, and shellfish are an important source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Seafood also contains phosphorus that is good for your health.

However here are a few factors that you should know about seafood.


Generally, in today’s world, we consume a very less amount of omega3. Seafood is a good source of omega 3.This is why doctors prescribe to have fish or any other types of seafood so that we will get the required amount of omega3. Having an adequate amount of omega 3 ensures good eyesight. It also improves the brain function as well as helps to fight inflammation. Thus having a proper amount of fish or seafood is necessary to get the required amount of omega3.


We all know that protein is essential to maintain a healthy body. This is a vital source of energy which provides you with all the power to work efficiently. Protein is the provider of all the stamina that helps you to work throughout the day. Although you can get protein from any meat, seafood protein is much light. Moreover, meat contains fat along with protein which is not good for your health. The seafood, on the other hand, is loaded with good protein which makes it perfect to have on a daily basis to maintain a healthy as well as beneficial diet.

Good cholesterol

All of us have heard about cholesterol. But have you ever heard that there are two types of cholesterol? One is HDL (good cholesterol) while other is LDL( bad cholesterol). While LDL is found in foods like egg yolks, cakes, bacon, you can find HDL in fish, seafood as well as nuts, olives etc. Thus having fish and other types of seafood is always beneficial than in taking different types of meat. However, if you do not know to cook seafood, you can always try out a good seafood restaurant like 75 BBQ and Hot Pot Buffet which is a great seafood restaurants in Houston.

The absence of hormones or antibiotics

Nowadays most of the meat sources like a cow, chicken, and pig are fed hormones or antibiotics when they are alive. After those animals are butchered and consumed by people, many have suffered from different allergic reactions as well as a variety of health problems.  As most of the seafood is not cultured but direly collected from the sea, they are free from any such kind of harmful chemicals.

These are some of the essential factors that you should know about seafood. However, if you still do not feel like having seafood, then you can surely opt for some of your favorite grill and hot pot food. To find out the best hot pot and grill in Houston area you can either search the internet.