If you have tried making hot pot food at home, then you may be pretty clear with the fact that any meat – be it beef, pork, and lamb or fish is appropriate for it. When you buy meat from the shop, use a meat slicer to slice it into thin forms. Or else, simply buy readily available thin slices of meat.


Here are a few common meat slices that you can add to your hot pot:


You can add fatty cuts such as the brisket, short rib, ribeye, and Asian beef-tendon meatballs into the hot pot. Along with the above, the thinly sliced fatty beef is a must-have for an excellent hot-pot feast. For another beef option, you can choose pastrami, fatty beef, and ribeye as well. You simply need to leave them in the hot and let it cook for a couple of minutes until they are tender and nicely cooked.


This is one of the most popular meats used while preparing a hot pot food. Finely sliced into paper-thin slices and letting it cook in the simmering broth.


Chicken breast and thigh meat are widely used in preparing the broth. You can slice both white and dark meat at least about one-quarter an inch thick, which you can further marinate with a splash of rice wine, salt, white pepper, and julienned ginger just for a couple of minutes before setting the broth to simmer.


Pork loin and belly is widely used. Just like lamb and beef, pork loin and belly are used in preparing the thick broth.

So, by now you must have got a brief idea on what meat slices to be used to prepare the broth. Apart from the above, you can use seafood as well. But, if you plan to enjoy some delicious BBQ and hot pot food at an eatery, you can try to search as BBQ hot pot buffet near me today.