Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines around the world because of their taste, variety, easy-to-found-ingredients and countless cooking styles. For this reasons, several restaurants have emerged in America, which offer delicious Chinese food. Now, when it comes to choosing some Chinese food in Houston or its surroundings, one should think beyond General Tso’s chicken and noodles. There is another regional Chinese food – hotpot. Although it is different from X’ian-style noodles or Shanghai soup dumplings, Chinese hotpot has arisen a cult obsession with its brilliant taste and bubbly aroma.

Let’s have a look at some essential information that will help you to master your next hotpot experience.

What is Hotpot?

Rather than a mere dish, Chinese Hotpot is an experience that captures the communal dining ethos of Chinese culinary culture. Hence, a wide range of Western restaurants has recently adopted the style. If you are visiting a Chinese style restaurant in Houston or other parts of the country with a group of friends, you can definitely choose smokeless hotpot menu so that you can team up with your friends to cook a range of ingredients including thinly sliced meats, head-on shrimp, mushrooms, fresh noodles, Chinese lettuces, and more in a single pot. While cooking in your own style, you can dip in the sauce of choice and enjoy your hotpot meal.

Where does it come from?

Following the Chinese culinary culture, there are several variations on hotpot, but all the variations have distinct regional styles. It is believed that hotpot was originated in East Asia thousands of years ago when a simple broth was served with mutton and horsemeat. With the spread of this cultural influence, hotpot took on a plethora of formed in Northern China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. At present, it has also been spread in America as a healthy and tasty option.

Where to eat?

If you are looking for some authentic hotpot cuisine to enjoy with a group of people, you are recommended to choose smokeless hotpot in a famous restaurant such as 75 BBQ & HOT POT BUFFET. Here, along with smokeless hotpot dishes, you can also explore different types of table BBQ menu. There is no denying that the smokeless hotpot and table bbq near me are offered in an environment-friendly way at an affordable price. Once you taste them, you will rinse and repeat until you will feel full.