Whether you are planning to host a birthday party or team lunch in a restaurant, you may find yourself in a dilemma to make a decision between a buffet and plated meals. Nowadays, a large number of people like to choose buffet style restaurants over restaurants that offer a full-course meal to be serviced on the table. In fact, when you are going to the restaurant with a large group, the buffet should always be the first choice. Moreover, the buffet is also preferable when you are in a group of friends and family as you can explore a variety of taste without spending much from your pocket.


75 BBQ & Hot Pot Buffet in Houston, Texas offers sumptuous buffet service with a range of barbeque, hot pot, and grill dishes. Once you explore their wide-ranging buffet menu, you will find it difficult to decide which food to try first!

Let’s have a look at why you should opt for a buffet rather than table service:

More Food Choices

While visiting a restaurant, if you choose table service, then you can have the opportunity to select only limited dishes. However, the buffet menu allows you to select your food from a wide variety of menu options. Generally, it has been seen that people who choose a Chinese buffet near me are provided as many as three entrees to appease them.

Less Expensive

When you are on a specific budget, it would be better to choose a buffet menu. With fewer servers, restaurants offer a wide range of dishes in their buffet menu. Moreover, if you are inviting several guests, choosing a buffet style restaurant is more recommended as you will have plenty of food items to offer all your guests.

No Food Limits

By choosing a plated meal, you may get specific portions for each course. However, for a buffet menu, there is such limitation on food portion. Buffet restaurants allow each of their patrons to eat to their satisfaction. Hence, you don’t need to hesitate to go for seconds if you enjoy a particular cuisine.

Saves Time

Generally, buffets are self-service which is entirely different from table service. Hence, you have the freedom to skip appetizers and start with entrees if you prefer.

More Socialization Scope

Table service tends to invoke a more formal ambiance as customers need to remain seated throughout the entire course. Here, choosing a buffet menu allows them to move around and socialize with other people. This way, they can enjoy dining in a casual and comfortable environment in the restaurant.